Part 3 — Worlds Collide, Shattering the Fourth Wall

Illustration by Jeffery Murray

Star Date 9995476.7: The Federation is having a closed meeting on Earth. They’re discussing who I am and were I possibly could have came from. Knowing this, I showed up at the meeting. The President asked if I was the same being that appeared on the Enterprise.

“Yes I am. I know you all have some questions you’d like answered,” I said. “I come from a place that is not like this Earth. My Earth is similar. But there, Star Fleet and your very existence s fiction. Your paths were originally written by Gene Roddenbury. Star Fleet is presented on the T.V. show ‘Star Trek.’ And where I am from, as I am talking to you, I am writing this very meeting. I want to use your view screen to show Star Trek. Then all your questions will be answered.”

So, I played the show and movies of Star Trek.

The End.

Region |Washington DC

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