On the Corner of 16th and Envy

A picture of Myiah Smith

Courtesy of DC SCORES

16th Street envy. Wish it was me.
Ward 7 is where I live,
Wish it was Ward 3.
That grass sure is green.
My side of the city consist of
train tracks and strange things.
Don’t look, can’t you see my hatred is consuming.
My side of the city is doomy and gloomy.
Got told that in two weeks the city’s insuring
my community displacement
and community foreclosing.
It’s said from our displacement
they’ll build the foundation
that’ll house the new people moving into the city.
My city, DC,
my city, against me.
A struggle so hard,
the difference between surviving and living.
On 16th they’re living, pot lucks and gala shows,
I should know, I was invited to be shown.
A reminder of a place that was never home.
A reminder of a place that I wish I could go.
Media reminds me I’m nothing to society.
Another thug on the street capable of only running.
‘Cause we’ve always been running from someone and something.
I’ve always been running to find what I’m searching.
Tell me a place exists where I could call home.
A place where no one roams alone.
A place where hands are stretched to help.
Where they teach children to help others
is really helping yourself.
A place where hatred is something taboo
and the greatest success
is to find an inner you.
So, that’s the place I’m running to.
When I can’t find it, I’ll make it come true.
Cause in my mind the sun shines even when its dark.
In life, at certain times that dark feels like all I know.
But somehow, storm clouds always seem to go.
In the midst of storms, my boat seems to flow.
It’s divine intervention, one I’ve always know.
I got to get to where I’m going, no time to fall below.
Don’t stare in the dark chasm
cause I might fall to unknown.
No time for despair, I can only grow.
I can make it,
It’s all I’ve ever known.
16th may be nice,
But 16th ain’t home.
I’m making my home a place in my heart,
Building walls of resilience where I was torn apart.
Setting stones of foundation,
Concrete mind for concrete creation.
I’m gonna make it.
No more definitions, boundaries and titles.
No more “you belong here”
And “those are your idols.”
Cause I’ve got ideas and courage and life.
Where ever I go, I’ll be taking my time.
No need to rush and no need to long,
I’m already where I need to be,
Loving myself, all along.

These women performed their poetry at Studio Theater on August 5. Both are alumni of DC SCORES, an afterschool program that combines soccer, poetry and service.

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