On “On Food”

A picture of a Street Sense vendor and customer fist bumping on a city street.

Lauren Poole

A few weeks ago, the article “On Food” discussed the aspect of kind, generous people buying food or drinks for vendors. The author said he would prefer not to have people buy food for him. I want to make it very clear that was only the author’s opinion. I think I believe I speak for the majority of vendors when I say we greatly appreciate people purchasing food and drinks for us.

Usually when someone wants to help a Street Sense vendor by buying food instead of purchasing a paper, it’s for three reasons. First, the person only has a credit card and wants to be helpful. Second, she is uncomfortable giving us cash because she doesn’t know what we plan to purchase, e.g. whether the money will go to drugs or alcohol. Third, he simply cares and wants to help immediately.

I hope those who read “On Food” will recognize that he is one of very few vendors who does not appreciate donations of food and things other than money. At the same time, it is also more thoughtful to ask us whether we are hungry of thirsty before purchasing us food or drinks. That way we can inform you of any dietary restrictions we have.

But no matter which method people choose, God bless all who help us out, whether it’s with money, food, water, clothes or just a simple smile or hello. Keep up the LOVE!

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