Oh, winter!

Cold and bare trees
Wonderful fluffy white droplets of snow
Wearing warm puffy jackets and warm wool coats
Scarfs, mitts, earmuffs, boots, and wool hats
All the winter clothing bundled up keeping us cozy and snug
Winter is here and the weather is changing
The nights are getting darker and days shorter
Heated up with hot blazing fire and Christmas jingles
Sipping hot cocoa and tasty hot tea
To get the magical days and nights going
Nothing but great cheer and love being spread by all
From all those with precious giving hearts
Nothing gets better than a wonderful winter season
Enjoying and doing what matters the most
Taking each moment and living
Going out doing wild and adventurous activities
Taking in all the nature that has evolved from the past seasons
Going through the full and bountiful spring trees
The hot summer skies, rainy fall days,
And coming into darker winter nights
Winter is a blessing, getting us to understand that things change
And things might not always be the same
But knowing that seasons must fl ow, to keep like at a balance
Life on its toes is what I love most about the wintertime
Winter is here and we must enjoy the days to come!
Stay warm and God bless!!
Thank you.

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