Oh, autumn! 

The summer skies fade away and autumn creeps in with a new face. 

Colors burst out like a juicy watermelon in your mouth, filling the air with beautiful natural colors. Like ballet dancers, leaves fall and flutter from the trees. 

They leave their temporary homes from the spring and summer, and join the pavement of leaves filling the streets with orange, yellow, red and brown. 

The sun sets lower and the days become shorter. 

The night skies creep in earlier and the breezes and air get colder. 

We’re getting ready for those autumn activities: pumpkin patches and apple bobbing; drinking hot drinks of cinnamon, pumpkin and chai by the fireplace; feeling cozy and warm. 

A new season is beginning and an old season is ending. The transition from warm to cold comes upon us. 

Let’s welcome and embrace our new season, as we change to jackets and boots from tees and shorts. 

Let go of summer’s hot days and short nights. Give way for the weather to do a 180- spin into a cooler time, and then into an colder time when winter comes into the picture. 

We welcome you, autumn, for your time has come. 

Your presence is inviting and life-changing. 

We hope to enjoy your time with us as you come into our lives. 

Make your mark with wonderful memories to come! 

Happy autumn! 

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