Ode to William and Kate

Jenny Gudnundsen

I can’t speak for everyone but I think your work here is great!!
You make Writers’ Group so much fun.
Even though sometimes the things we speak of are dumb.
You take time from your work to help us out.
And when Writers’ Group is over, your work is not.
You take personal time away from you families to edit our work.
I know sometimes the things I say make me look like a jerk.
Once again I can thank you enough for all the things you have done!!
And once again let me say you make Writers’ Group fun!!
So in closing this ode to Willie and Kate.
I gonna go out on a limb and speak for everyone. We all think you’re great!!

Willie Schatz and Kate Sheppard are two writing professionals who volunteer
their time to facilitate our weekly Writers’ Group an help edit the newspaper.

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