Not Feeling Very Festive This Year

I haven’t felt too festive at home this holiday. 

I used to be excited living at my current address. And my change of heart is not just because of the pandemic either.

I’ve been living at my current address at N Street Village, a supportive housing provider, for the past six years. But recently I’ve been experiencing issues. 

For example, my original refrigerator broke down. For staff to give me a new one, I had to bend down to put food inside and take it out. The trays inside the refrigerator are useless. And I can’t fit a lot of stuff on the higher shelves.

I bought a thermometer for my fridge and it reads 40 degrees instead of 45 degrees. My food gets spoiled every single day. The staff had someone service it. And the technician had the dial on seven degrees! All of my food inside the fridge froze.

When I got the fridge, a staffer told me it was a temporary refrigerator! But I’ve had this fridge for two years, spoiling my food. 

When I kept asking about the fridge she outright told me if I didn’t like it I could leave the program. Showing a lot of professionalism!

I know. I can leave the program at any time. But I don’t need anyone, that includes staff, to tell me what I need to do!

I asked for two weeks for a new kitchen light! Instead I got a light over the oven I didn’t ask for. The electric stove I had previously stopped working and they replaced it with a dirty stove I’ve been trying to clean off for three months! 

DC Department of Human Services has lifted housing regulations during the pandemic. But N Street Village is still closed to outsiders! Unfair! I can’t have my grandchildren visit me. I have to go see them. I don’t have the energy all the time to go see them. 

I’ve got all my shots including the booster! Just because other people in the building don’t get these shots. Why should I have to be penalized for their behavior?

So, no, I don’t feel very Christmas-y while living in my current situation. 

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