My Thoughts of The Heart

Life isn’t always what we want, making the best of it is the only way
to stay happy.
For yourself and others around you to be happy you must have compassion.
To be happy! You have to want to be.
Surround yourself with good, and you’ll always be happy.
To be happy depends solely on what you think.
It is within the heart that one can see what is invisible to the eye.
Expand the positiveness of yourself and your surroundings and throw out the negativeness.
Be real. Be truthful. Be honest. Be happy with simple pleasures and courage to stand
up whether it be good or bad.
To change your fate or direction you must change your attitude.
Look straight and if you don’t see it, don’t wait for it, keep going.
To define life as a problem to be solved is wrong but to see it has a reality to be experienced
is right.
You must allow yourself always to grow from within.
When there is peace of mind there is no doubt, no stress, no anxiety, no pain, no depression,
just gain.
Flow with life. Feel its moments. Just let it happen.
Be rejoiced, content, and happy with the things that you have.
The mind can reflect the true you when it is relaxed.
What we are is what we think! Don’t be afraid to sit awhile and think.

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