My Take on the World

Ivaan Kotulsky/Wikimedia Commons

I look at the world from the all-seeing eye.

We go through life as a person, not homeless, because home is where one’s heart is. We are a group of people that are at a disadvantage, as seen through the eyes of others. I don’t see myself as someone who can’t live on any terms. People don’t really see me or us, The homeless.

People think that they can solve what is wrong. Well, nothing is wrong. Nothing is wrong with me or us. You and me, we live. And yes, one needs help to live. But how to help? I see a lot of aid being sent abroad, but I see no one addressing the people of the United States.

Why is it that people with the means and power to change things or make a change, look at things or see us as if they are fixing a problem that they have, not us? The thing is, you don’t fix my problems by doing what you feel, because your are not feeling me. I see all of you, I know what is needed as a homeless person. Do you? No. You can’t put yourself in these streets some people live in.

They’ve been in them for many years. The powers that be can’t see any farther than making money for themselves and the rich off the backs of the homeless.

Kanell Washington is a vendor and artist with Street Sense. He is a native of D.C., and he sees Street Sense as his family. Kanell’s poetry reflects his life stories, and he goes by “The Living Legend.”

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