My Street Sense Experience

a photo of someone writing "trust yourself."

geralt / pixabay

Since I became a Street Sense vendor, I have developed so many qualities about myself. I built my self-esteem higher than ever thought possible. My confidence has been so good about getting my life together, that I thought I would never conquer my shortcomings. I knew I had to get off drugs, so that was where I started.

Street Sense is the one thing that helped me get my life together. They didn’t help me with the detox but they are the ones who made me take a look at myself and identify my addiction.

I just want to say that their presence in my life did not stop there. There was much to do after I realized and came to terms with the addiction; there is so much to learn about myself and to identify with others who were going through this. But my attitude, my “mouth” and the way I thought of myself and my situation were the worst problems I had to overcome because they caused me to get into a lot of trouble.

Street Sense introduced a certain amount of the spiritual into my life. Now, I can say everything has been so good in my life.

Thank You, Street Sense.

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