My story about Street Sense 

I don’t remember what time of year it was when I first joined Street Sense. It was not cold. It was not warm. All I remember is that it was Andre Brinson, a fellow vendor, who introduced me. He told me about Street Sense. And when I came here I was so happy, it took my breath away. I met so many new people and I was happy. Everything looked different.

When I came, they talked to me and they showed me how to write. I told them I needed help and they helped me. They gave me gift cards.

Street Sense is a good place to work. They give you food. They help you with everything. Street Sense doesn’t let you down. When you work with them, you help them and they will help you. They are all like friends to me. I love to work with Street Sense. Every day here is a good day for me.

I wish I could remember more about my first day. I remember that it was at least a year ago when I started. On that first day, I remember that I made $50 selling the paper. And then the next few times, I made $95 in a day. I still do good. When I started, the newspaper was weekly. Now, it’s every two weeks. This change hurt me. But I still love working here at Street Sense. 

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