My sister, my hero

Graphic by Bruna Costa

“Touch it and you die,” my sister Paulette yelled at me every time she thought I was misbehaving. If you did not obey, she would hit you. And that hurt! It was her form of controlling me.

Once I refused to leave the bathroom because I wanted to watch her. She asked me to leave because she was doing “personal business” she didn’t want me to see. “No!” I said. She hit me and pushed me out the door so hard I rolled down the hall.

So why is she my hero when she smacked me around? Because she always tells the truth about everything and does her best to show people how to love themselves first. She knows if you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. That philosophy helped me a lot in life when I asked others for advice. She also reminds me that if you love yourself, you are happy most of the time. And to never forget God.

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