My Life Story Part 2: Dealing drugs

Photo of a street lamp late at night

Photo by Manuel Will on Unsplash

PREVIOUSLY: In Part 1, Tony wrote about his life from ages 5 – 10, living in fear of abuse from his father.

I lived in and out of jail for years. For 17 years my downfall was when I was on crack. I robbed people, I supported my crack habit by stealing and selling crack. My life was miserable. I went to many rehab centers and I lived homeless for 17 years in and out on the streets. When I lived in abandoned buildings it was dark and cold in the winter time and hot in the summertime. I always lived in fear. I projected a false image of myself. I was very defensive and did not want any friends around me. I was hopeless and miserable all the time. I could not get my life together. I ended up in the psych ward because I went into a deep depression. I gave up on life. I started to believe that no one loved me and I did not love myself.


To be continued

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