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Darrell Heard

I am a composer and arranger in Washington D.C. with a sound very similar to Parliament, Funkadelic, and Rick James. My inspirations are probably Zapp Band and Funkadelic.

My stage name is “Blach Stock,” it’s a cool sounding name. You can find me under that name on, where I publish deep funk and my specialty, instrumental rap. This is a kind of rap where the instruments are arranged to take the place of the vocals or the rap in the song. It’s a cool sounding stage name. My music can also be found under that name on

I am also presently publishing R&B songs under the name “Muse Sic” and have designs to perform jazz and modern jazz under the name “Black Tow.”

I often make my tracks outside, sitting in my SUV while observing a park scene or everyday traffic. I am basically at large in the environment, but housing isn’t inescapable. I live in downtown Northwest Washington, D.C. I came here in 2005 from Ohio because I always wanted to be in the nation’ capital.

The shape of musical expressions themselves are as varied as the stars in the universe. And it is valued, uniquely, in virtually all cultures. I have been musically inclined sense grade school, but have only been composing for a few months now. I decided to start this musical chapter of my life because I felt music in my being that needed to come into existence. I’ve been drawn to music because it has no limitations.

“Blach Stock” is presently looking for promoters and individuals that can help him enter into mainstream from the realm of indie. If you are interested in promoting “Blach Stock,” you can reach me via g-mail: “blachstock.”

In the meantime, please enjoy a listen of my music on Sound Cloud. Just go to the site and search “Blach Stock,” I have nine songs in the queue.

Thank you.

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