Moving In

Credit: Mr.TinDC

I was with my case worker downtown recently to fill out my voucher for my landlord so I can move into my apartment. I was thrilled. This will be my first place of my own! I know things will to be quite difficult in the beginning because being on the street for so many years can make life hard when begin to organize yourself.

Years ago I never thought I would get this far because I had so many obstacles to deal with. But being strong and keeping the faith with God can carry you a long way. I count my blessings almost every day because I know God knows what I’m going through, and I do that because I know he loves me very much. And the confidence of so many friends and my family has also helped me. I really admire what I’ve accomplished! I also want to thank for going through this journey with me and really helping me get off these streets.

Once I move in I have some medical issue to deal with, especially my back, which will limit my ability to move around. But being approved by the SSI will help me out a lot because I will get the proper things I will need for my health and my apartment. I’m also working hard on my education so I can into the University of the District of Columbia and get a degree in accounting.

I have to temper all these terrific events with a bit of bad news. My best friend Chris passed away a few weeks ago. But I know he’s so proud of me for achieving my goal of getting my own apartment. May he rest in peace.

So, my Street Sense family, whatever goals you have in life, keep the faith! Whatever plans God had for you

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