More than a paper 

Graphic by Bruna Costa

Hi, readers! 

I want to say that since I’ve been writing for Street Sense I’ve made many changes to my life. 

Let me start by taking you back to 2015 when I was homeless and living with a woman and her stepson. I was in my twenties, which flew by incredibly fast. 

Three years later I found Street Sense, where I took off writing and met some great people. I’ve also found the silver linings of peace, friendship and compassion. The paper makes me feel very productive. I don’t have to sell a dime of crack or half a gram of blow to make a dollar. I’m finally at peace with myself. 

At first, I was dealing with my demons. Now I’m here talking with other homeless vendors and working-class folks. The people all agree selling the paper is way better than selling illicit substances. 

I write to ease my pain about spending pieces of my life in places I was shown were dangerous and fast. Yeah, the people living in those spaces had money. But, even though many people say money makes the world go round, I say connections, like those I’ve made at Street Sense, make the world go round. This is more than a paper! 

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