Mirror, Mirror


Mirror on the wall…
He never learned how to really love himself,
so he never feels love from anybody else.

Skeletons in the closet,
bundles of bloody clothes of his personality,
left on the shelf,
which left no soul in his chest,
no sense of direction.

What a mess of his life he made,
a lost soul reaching through the darkness,
can’t catch a grip.

Been slipped far from life,
far from existence,
tug-of-war with his soul,
scents of burning flesh,
wicked, sharp bones on every footstep.

Never put aside the hatred and pride,
never put aside that suffering inner child.

To my pain, loneliness, heartache and misery,
why didn’t you just leave me be?

Why! Why! Whyyyyyyyy!

Was it pride that lead to greed,
or was it the unclean souls touching me?
WAs it the guilties that I participate,
or was it the hellbound what was told my fate?

Wait, please! Judge me not,
this soul been on a lonely road,
I am not done yet.

I see dim lights,
could it be that I can make right?
marry my wife, put meaning to what to what was so so
tangled tight in my life.

Loosen those wrongs to right,
positivity is my shield to fight.

This is an emergency broadcast letter to my loneliness, heartache and misery:

Mirror, mirror on the wall, NOW who’s the positive of them all?

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