The Incident at Planet Fitness

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On March 29, I was listening to “The Frank Ski Show” on Howard University Radio WHUR-FM 96.3, hosted by Mo Ivory. The topic was about an incident concerning two women at Planet Fitness in Midland, Michigan. One woman was working out and went to the women’s locker room afterwards. Upon entering, she thought she saw a man within. Feeling uncomfortable, she reported it to the manager.

The manager said that the “man” happened to be transgender and that the gym has a no-judgment policy. Upset with this response, the woman began complaining to other female patrons in the women’s locker for several days until the corporate office called to revoke her membership. She has since sued Planet Fitness.

I understand that Planet Fitness is a judgment-free zone, and I support the transgender community and their rights. But what about the young woman’s rights when she felt uncomfortable?

In my opinion, Planet Fitness should have handled this in a different way. The reason I say this is because she was within her right to complain about a man, who happened to be transgender, being in a women’s locker room.

This would be a very interesting case if it ends up in court. We live in a society where each person is unique.We must learn to live together, to be respectful of one another and to live in peace.

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