Message: Joy

Image of a cross on a mountaintop

Faith. Photo by Jeff Jacobs // Pixabay

The joy of the LORD is my strength. How do I apply the joy of the LORD to my life?

In this life I have encountered many difficulties, struggles, disappointments, and setbacks. But how do I keep staying alive and keeping the faith? I have a foundation that was planted in my life when I was a child. I was raised in knowing that GOD will supply all my needs, even through difficult times

My joy, my strength, my courage, my love, my power, my endurance, my sufferings come from GOD.

First Corinthians 10:13 quotes: “He will put no more on me or you than I or you can bear.”

The joy of the LORD is an everlasting covenant that can not be broken.

Jennifer Orange is an artist and vendor with Street Sense.

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