Meridian Hill Park

D.C. Students


Uh oh! I stepped on dog poop!

I stop running! Gross.
Nothing ruins a day in the park
like a smelly pile on my shoes.

But then!
A bird fl ies by above me.
I look up.

In the park there are big,
huge, tall trees
Much taller than me.
Meridian Hill Park is full
of trees with bark.

Ch ch ch
I feel the acorns breaking
when I walk.
Ch ch ch

I see a big blue sky
and puffy clouds. Wooosh

I hear dogs barking.
BOYS: Woof woof!
GIRLS: Arf arf!

Meridian Hill Park is a place where dogs bark.

I feel the wind blow my hair and my face. WHOOOOOOOSH

There is a beautiful waterfall with wonderful trees
and gorgeous fountains.
Is that a wishing well?
I threw a penny in it anyway!

There is a famous statue
with a woman on a horse.
If I stand in front of that statue,
I can see the Washington Monument. WOW!

I smell the honey sweet smell
of pretty flowers.

I see my team playing soccer.
Ay no! The soccer ball rolled into the street. Pop!

There are ups and downs
to a day in the park…
but just look on the bright side
We have a team
We have friends
And we have a beautiful park to
practice soccer

Meridian Hill Park is deep
in our hearts.

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