May Days

Oh May days and rallies for world peace,
Oh May days and the bloom of life we see,
Oh May days and the feel it was all worth the wait,
Through the winter’s cold and those who show hate.

Oh these May days and a little comfort for those who make
Their homes out on the street.
Just to know the days of May
might bring them peace as they sleep.

Oh May days so many cool breezes coming off the trees,
The look of the sun shining off beautifully bloomed leaves.
Oh May days with the stars just a little brighter at night
And the thought of peace which resonates through May nights.

Oh May days the Lord’s paradise to come,
Lying in the shade, you’ll never have to see the sun
Oh just think of May days and life filled with fun
I love the Lord’s May days, I know I’m not the only one.

Who looks to the May days’ flowers and raindrops falling from the May day’s sun
Looking all about as little people run

Oh theses days of May, every day to come.
Oh May days is all about life and new May days to come.

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