Marvin Hammerman Season II, Part VI 

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As a very busy day winds down at the Baltimore City Department of Social Services, case manager Sasha Holloway is on the phone with assistant district attorney Anna Jackson.  

“This is Sasha Holloway, case manager, and I may be able to help you,” Sasha tells Anna. “Is this concerning the Walter Lacey case?” 

“Why, yes, it is,” says Anna.  

“Ms. Jackson. I have someone in my office who may have so answers for you. Sir, could you pick the other line up, please?” Sasha hands the phone to John Jones.  

“Hello, good evening, sir. My name is Anna Jackson, and I am an assistant district attorney on special assignment here in Baltimore. I am hoping that someone can help me locate an individual by the name of Walter Lacy,” she begins. “Could I have your name, just for the record?” 

“My name is John Jones.” 

“Very good, Mr. Jones. Can you tell me where and how you came to meet Walter Lacy?” 

“Well, I am a client at the Baltimore Rescue Mission on Central Avenue downtown. Lacey and I met one day when we were checking into the shelter to get beds for the night,” Jones explains. “One night this fellow came along and started to pick a fight with Lacey. I don’t know who this guy was, and I never saw him before. 

“And before you know it,” Jones continues, “Lacey and this guy started to scuffle and wrestle with each other. Lacey was an overweight guy so he couldn’t move as fast as the other fellow, and the other fellow was able to dance circles around Lacey. He whipped on Lacey pretty good. I heard that he is in mercy Hospital downtown.” 

With this new information, Anna Jackson soon gets back to Odell Lacey.  

“Mr. Lacey, I believe your son may have been located! Apparently, he is at Mercy Hospital in the intensive care unit,” says Anna.  

“Oh no, what happened?” replies Odell in surprise.  

“Well, from what I have learned, Walter was involved in a fight at a shelter that serves homeless people. Apparently, the person he fought with beat him pretty badly and possibly put him in a coma,” she explains.  

“I need to get over to Mercy to see him!” Odell says.  

“Sure. We can come along with you.” 

Walter Lacey has been found, but information on Louis Henley is still being uncovered. Henley has been admitted to Sinai Hospital on the other side of town because of a seizure. Henley is unable to give his name, but from time to time he wakes up for a brief moment before passing out again.  

At Mercy Hospital, doctors and nurses are relieved to hear that they have a name to the comatose patient in their care. Back in New York, where Henley was once a rising boxing star, a certain detective with the NYPD wonders where Henley is. Apparently, Henley was involved in a robbery and homicide after he lost his title belt and everything else. Somehow, he became involved with a local drug dealer, and now that drug dealer is dead. Louis Henley is a suspect in the drug dealer’s murder.  

An all-points bulletin has been sent out through the New York City area. But Henley is in Baltimore, where the authorities do not know that he is a wanted man. 

Walter Lacey has been found, but the search goes on for Louis Henley. Will Henley be discovered, or will he evade authorities just as he did in New York. Part VII continues in the next issue.  

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