‘Marcy Me’

I’ve already been through a lot. I’m just now putting this puzzle together, because now I understand I was just a student, and I’m still a student because we learn something new every day. But sometimes I need that real man sit-down talk because lately I’ve been listening to the wrong people and been in the wrong places. That throws my vibe off. 

I never will put the streets ahead of my family. I’m God’s child, living and learning as I grow and become older. I’ve seen some people — young and old — give up on life. Some won’t even try. But now, at 34, I see the way I live and have been living and I know someone has been watching over me since my youth. When I was 15 I was still trying to throw obstacles in my way. Now I’m sending a different message because I’ve been misunderstood for too long. 

Yes, I realize I must stay patient because I realize God has a plan for me. So, I’ll just keep on with the good work and pay attention. Change is coming! If you listen to Jay Z’s “Marcy Me” and watch the video and know Marcus McCall, you just might understand where I’m coming from and where I’m going.

I have a lot of potential that I will utilize after expending my energy and time on the wrong things. If you see me and you know me please just don’t drive by. Lower your window and say something. I hear people who know me say “I saw you standing by Union Station,” but just drove past me. Like, what help did that do? Then you saw me standing by the 2nd and D NW shelter but did the same thing. That’s not good, either. 

Scared, really lost and stuck downtown looking crazy. I only trust God and only move with my faith. In my mind, a lot of people are waiting for me to slip and fall. And some people just want to see me loaf off.

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