Lucky Charms

Photo of a field of emerald green, 3-leaf clovers.

Image by damesophie from Pixabay

I always thought of Lucky Charms and green frosted cupcakes when it came to St. Patrick’s Day. When Reggie inspired me to research the holiday for a writing prompt I was embarrassed at how little l really knew. 

The three-leaf clover (and not the lucky four-leaf variety) is the icon of the holiday, stemming from St. Patrick’s use of the clover as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity. Blue used to be the color of the holiday until it became international. Then green, the color of Ireland, replaced blue. 

But these are superficial revelations. I was more impressed to learn that St. Patrick was a pagan and then a slave, when I had just always assumed he was a Leprechaun character. It makes me think maybe I should take the whole holiday a little bit more seriously and drink a few less pints (but only a few less). 

Cara volunteers with Writer’s Group and creates exercises. 

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