Local congregation lights the way for homeless veterans in Annapolis

Color photo of city, state, and county officials with shovels and wearing hard hats for a ceremonial groundbreaking

Henrieese Roberts

More veterans housing is being built in Maryland by Bowman Community Development Corporation, a project of the First Baptist Church in Annapolis.   

Bowman was issued permits to demolish a vacant building located at the corner of Clay and West Washington Street, nextdoor to a building in Annapolis that was purchased by First Baptist Church years ago. The vacant building had remained an eyesore.   

Approval for funding for work by Hamel Builders was tendered to construct six apartment units for the housing of veterans. A groundbreaking ceremony with city, county, and state officials was held on Dec. 6.  Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley and Rev. Louis J. Boston, the pastor of First Baptist, both seemed happy to see change begin in the neighborhood. 

There was a mural painted on the corner of the vacant building by a local artist within the last few months. It depicted American jazz singer Sarah Vaughn beautifully and will be missed. However, the new veterans housing is much needed and the mural was thankfully not demolished with the building, but removed and saved. 

I live in Annapolis, where we walk and worship while enduring gunfire from our citizens and see some in a drugged state. There were multiple gunfights in my neighborhood last month. And a drug-induced person was present at this very groundbreaking ceremony, making animal-like noises and scratching himself. It was really embarrassing. 

Godspeed to First Baptist and Bowman as they ease housing instability for our veterans in our inner cities. 

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