Living in Christ

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The day after they say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” to the Light, they forget about his life: the Truth and the Light, guiding men to stand up right.

The goodness of the day, the Grace and Mercy of the Most High, grateful He lives in every believer’s life till the day we all walk that way.

The lightning and the darkness on man’s face, to lead to the straight path, for Christ did come to weigh the deeds of everyone:

The young woman who was not too proud to kneel and pray.

The Mothers to be honored all the while, too.

For the Father who showed you rightness in living his life.

For the Son who grew up right and just and knew to tell the truth. And when he comes for you, he will bear witness, too. For he never knew the ones who say “Merry Christmas” and forget about the message of his life the next day.

He lived that the Comforter would come with a Guiding Light for humanity. The best of people praise G-O-D day and night.

A Happy New Year done right for you.

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