Lived experience

Shadows cast by iron bars I dwell,

Incarcerated, a captive tale to tell,

But within these walls, a spark does ignite, 

A voice for the homeless, a beacon of light.

Once homeless, now sheltered, I’ve known the cold, 

The bitter winds of life, relentless and bold,

Yet through the storms, I found my strength anew,

To share my lived experience, my truth, my view.

A sheltered heart, a spirit fierce and free, 

Paid not in coin but in empathy’s decree,

I stand for the less fortunate, their voice I raise,

In this journey of advocacy, I find my grace.

Through these struggles, I’ve emerged refined,

In darkness, I found the light and purpose aligned,

Incarcerated, homeless, now a source of hope, 

I walk this path, a lifeline for those who cope. 

Sharing my love story, my heart’s decree,

I bridge the gap, I set the less fortunate free,

With each word, each act, each step I take, 

I break down barriers, a difference I make. 

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.