Live and Learn

Life is a struggle and attack
Life is tough and rough
Life is good, and exciting
Life is a challenge, a way of life.
You learn from all your mistakes not to make
The same mistakes as you made before.
Live the life you want and be happy.
Give God the praises for another beautiful day.
There are sad and unhappy times for everyone.
Those that we love, who mistreated us when
We had nowhere to run, nowhere to go.
Life is a sad thing when nobody cares about you.
Remember to hang in there through life
Disappointments remember to hold your head up high
When things don’t quite go your way. Be proud
And smile and say Thank you LORD for keeping
Me strong and alive.
Live and learn by everything you ever
Done wrong or right in life. Through relationships,
Everyday living, jobs, careers, and goals to achieve.
Love and honesty.
Your best days ever
Your worst days ever
And saddest

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