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Gwenette Smith

Twilly was a young robin that had spent a lot of time in her comfortable nest with her mother after recently being born. Her reddish breast plate was so bright and pretty, and she loved to practice her tweeting. It made her happy to start communicating with other birds. She also liked the earthworms that her mother brought her to eat, and the caterpillars, too.

Her mother told her one day “Twilly, you are getting older and will have to leave the nest more, look around, get your own food and become more independent”

“No, Mom. I’m afraid. What if some animal gets me?”

“It will be alright. You’ll see. I’ll be nearby. Before migration, we robins do not spend that much time with each other. You have to learn to be satisfied on your own more.”

Twilly was a little hesitant, but the day arrived when she had to “try her own wings”. Little-by-little, she flew farther away from her nest. She was so content when she found she could gather her own food! One day she got a beetle and carried it back to the nest to eat.

They lived on a farm and some of the food was really good, like the fruits and berries there.
Twilly became more and more selfconfident, and could fly with a small group further and further from the nest, and then return at night with the flock and show her mother what she had, and tell her what she had done.

One day, one of the farmers took his hat off and waved hard, letting the couple of birds with Twilly know they needed to shoo-away.

The robins started talking to each other “twee-uh,” “uh-uh” is how it sounded. Their sounds made the farmer so happy, as only birds can. The farmer shrugged his shoulders, laughing, as he walked away.
That night, Twilly reflected on her time away from the nest.

It was time, like her mom warned her. She had to be careful of hawks, cats and snakes, but mostly, it was fun to be away from the nest, explore the world and make new friends.

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