Product of Progression: Life after rapid rehousing is not easy

Rehousing tenements in Glasgow circa 1935.

Tony164/Wikimedia Commons

I know I am not weak-minded but the stress is building. I know there is a brighter day but the darkness is still there. I am not eating healthy, my sugar has been up and down, and it seems as if I am gaining weight when I barely eat.  

Since I have been out of Friendship Place, which was a program that assisted with rent, I have applied to more jobs so that I can be in a particular bracket for housing and put my first application in. I was denied one apartment due to my credit history, so I moved on to the next application. I invested $40 dollars in the process of trying to rent a place that I can call my own. 

I have started to try to pay back in portions what was given to me. We may feel obligated to always give and this is good. We need to not only give back, but also to give to ourselves. 

I strive to thrive in all conditions that have been put forth for me to overcome. Every day I put a new piece in the puzzle, but the total number of pieces is unknown.

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