Letter of appreciation to all my customers

I have been a vendor with Street Sense Media for six years. I am from Cameroon, in Central Africa. I need help because with part of my income I pay a school for orphaned children there. I am an orphan, I lost my family. They passed away. I came to America to have a good life because in my country there is too much trouble.

I appreciate my customers’ donations in support of me. And I am happy after everything going on this past year, for seeing my customers on 16th Street, 18th Street, and near the K Street Metro. May God bless you all 21 times and keep you safe in this troubled time in our world.

Every day I see you come my way, most of you shining bright like the sunrose to begin another day. I can see in your eyes, we all have street sense. We use it every day.

Thank you for your support. God blessed me when you took your time to greet me today. And I thank God for meeting my brothers and sisters at Street Sense.

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