Knock Knock Jokes

Photo of a door (that's about to get some knock knock jokes)

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

Knock knock!  

Who’s there?  


Patty who?  

What a Patty it is that I missed the big sale on earrings and lipstick!  

* * *  

Knock knock!  

Who’s there?  


Betty who?  

Bet on a buck  

Bet on a what?  

Bet your bottom dollar  

Sure thing, lemme see if I still have one!  

And if you do, you can spend it on earrings and lipstick!  

* * *  

Knock knock!  

Who’s there?  


Petunia who?  

Petunia earrings and lipstick – we’re going out on the town!  

Patty Smith is a longtime vendor. She likes bright clothes, earrings, and lipstick. David Hammond likes gray clothes and knock-knock jokes. 

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