Justice Isn’t For All

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Justice for poor Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Chinese, and other races in Washington DC don’t have a chance from the police, prosecutors and Judges. A witness as young as 13 to 100 years old can fabricate a boldface story and send an innocent person to prison when the victim can say until he or she is blue in the face a crime did not happen as a witness/police says it did. The police and the witness both can have two different stories about the victim. You wonder why that wasn’t taken into consideration. There is no evidence to show that the defendant committed a crime against the victim but the prosecutor and the Judge is standing by the witness and the police officer who both gave two different stories about the victim.

I am just baffled how badly the Judiciary System treats poor people of all races in Washington DC that can’t afford high profile lawyers.   How can a man be sentence for time he already served for 30 years that the prosecutor to bring it back into another case that has Nothing to do with what he did at the age 19 which the defendant is now in the year of 2013 is 54 years of age and is 100% compliance of his parole to be sentence for 60 days in jail for a crime that the defendant and victim says she/he did not commit.   The prosecutor are that desperate to go through those lengths to drudge up the past of someone? And I bet if the defendant didn’t have a past crime record they would go through lengths to find something on the victim to send the defendant to jail anyway.

The defendant and the victim don’t have money for high profile lawyers so prosecutors and Judges can get away and do whatever they want to do because they are poor. To think we have a first Black President and Family in a two term office of the White House doesn’t mean that the Judiciary System and society as a whole for poor people, who don’t or have past records with time served for years, don’t have chance for Justice at all in America. I wonder how these Judges and prosecutors sleep at night after they know that witnesses aren’t credible but do a sentencing anyway on a man or woman because they are poor and can’t afford a high profile lawyers.

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