Isotopia Part 9

Illustration of traffic light and city

Ernie Smith

The life of goodness revealed. While at work, Josh sneaks some workout time. Exercise: push-ups, sit-ups, crunches. And he’s still able to complete his security work at the same time. The prayers and chants got him ready, mentally and physically. Josh feels proud that God chose him and his family. As Josh works, he thinks about how it is most important not to cross family members. A strong man and a strong woman equals a strong family household and strong family values. This is very important to the one God. That’s the reason he sent the human-like child to Josh and his family, because of their strong family values and love for each other. To the evil forces, that type of power, within a family household, is impenetrable. The one God gave the first Isotopian male a female partner, one to equal a great force of power and love, a gift from the one God himself. Josh thinks about the one God as he works and tones up his body.

Leaving work, Josh realizes that he must meet with the Secret Circle of Love. He rides down the highway that has crazy wicked turns, a highway that’s not even on the map of the city of Isotopia. Leaning back in his 280 XZ, Josh knows the Circle is not happy with his decision to keep the human-like child a secret. Powerful storms, hurricanes and earthquakes have destroyed half of the world of Isotopia. Maliki is now 7 years old, and things have gotten much stranger. Josh and his family are used to it. For 7 years, they went through dreams, visions, sleepless nights, and strange happenings around the world – and in their neighborhood, and in their schools. The storm has cleaned half of Isotopia, spic and span, through natural disasters.

As Josh drives at high speed, he hasn’t been questioning his faith in forgiveness. Since the baby has been with him and his family, he doesn’t wonder about forgiveness of his past sins anymore. He knows they are forgiven because of his mission from God to find his way at the end of an ultimate battle between good and evil: physically, mentally and spiritually Josh knows his mission is here. The winner takes all. And the loser, well, he just loses. And in the city of Isotopia, all thoughts of evil just vanish, erased. Vamoose! Adios Amigos! Because the one God is that powerful.

Josh knows the battle sums it all up, the truth will be revealed! Josh pushes the pedal to the metal on highway Strive 77 drive, up to the secret headquarters of the Secret Circle of Love. A most important meeting, Josh knows he must attend. Though everything Josh went through, he already made up his mind: he’s not telling any lies to the Circle. The baby is 7, and things have gotten worse than ever before. Josh knows he needs all the help he can get, and the Secret Circle of Love is perfect for the job. Since everyone in the Circle has survived all the storms and earthquakes, Josh thinks to himself, “this must be the truth.”

Josh enters the meeting.

(to be continued)

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