Isotopia Part 3

Ernie Smith

Last time: Isotopia is a dark city, filled with crime, depression and sadness. There are no places of religious worship, so the only way to find peace is to pray independently. Josh, Melissa and their five kids are the only few good people left in Isotopia. Though Josh was once prisoner to the corruption and crime that lurks around every corner, his love for Melissa has caused him to rise above and fight for good. Josh is a part of the secret society of good people, including judges and police force, that all believe in the same God and a child that, when born, will bring goodness to Isotopia once again. 

See, Josh went through a lot coming up as a child and as a teenager. Even early adulthood was rough. Josh’s father was very mean: abusive to both him and his mom. Josh wasn’t the only child, but he got it the worst. From black eyes to busted lips, Josh’s father ruled his household with an iron fist. So pain is what Josh was used to, until he met Melissa.

Melissa says Josh’s father was a crazed woman-beater, who used to beat Josh and his mom senseless. Josh never had a real friend. Coming up in a dysfunctional family, he was raised as a Muslim child. So his household had strict rules. Melissa says Josh wasn’t allowed to have friends outside of his religion. But his father was so strict about it that Josh couldn’t even make friends that shared their faith.

Melissa says Josh was born trapped, until she met him and released him from all his pain. That’s what she liked about Josh, that rough toughness thoroughbred. Because through it all, she could sense pure good intentions in Josh’s heart. He’s open minded, that’s what she likes about him. She loves that gangster and a gentleman style.

BUT HIS HEART! For some reason, through all that thug, she can see better change in him. “Through it all (the madness) a man hangs strong. Strength in a man (wow!),” says Melissa. That’s when they met, Josh and Melissa, some time ago. “A good heart that beats inside a strong man, in a city like Isotopia, is a plus,” Melissa says.

So Melissa snatched him up quick — slowed him down and married Josh, for better or worse. One time, when Josh was around 23 years old, he got into some trouble that nearly cost his life. Some thug from the neighborhood that he was living in at the time tried to rob him. He shot at Josh 19 times – only hitting him 3 times. One hit him in the shoulder, one in the left leg, and the last bullet hit him in the back. Bullets of hatred and genocide. Seeing is believing: visions of good and evil from those who follow the souls of the lost. (Isotopia)

A child of pure heart shall be born. People of hope continuously pray for that day to come. Josh and his family pray for something better than the way things are now. Josh prays for a better life for his wife and kids. (Isoptopia)

Isotopia lies on a desert land. No life, nothing rests outside of the city. But inside the cursed city lies a little hope, no larger than a mustard seed. Faith is all she needs. (Isotopia)

The hope lies deep deep deep inside a small neighborhood where the homeless and poor live. You can hear late night sounds of prayer, and you can hear their cries for a better something.

One night after work – pay week – Josh was just leaving work. For some reason, he decided to take a shortcut to his 280 XE sports car. Knowing how dangerous Isotopia is at night, Josh was armed with a 9mm handgun, the gun permit tucked next to his paycheck. Josh was on his way home to the wife and kids. (He’s a family man now, more responsible than he used to be) This night he was rushing home, but ran into a little trouble, prolonging his journey. Even though Josh was armed, he still wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. He was smooth with any situation he came in contact with. (but things just happen, like this robbery that’s going on as we speak)

(to be continued)

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