Isotopia Part 7

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Ernie Smith

The story so far: Josh found a baby and brought it home to Melissa. They both know the myth of a mystical child with the power of Light and Life. The weird way Josh found the baby makes them think of this myth. The whole family cares for the baby. Josh hears a voice that tells them the curse of Isotopia will soon be lifted

Trough dreams and visions God sent special prayers and chants. A new way of life for Josh and his family: prayers and chants were taught from the head of the household down to the young ‘uns. Prayers of protection

The voice tells Josh, in his dreams, that these prayers and chants are most important to be taught to his whole family: cousins, nephews, everyone.

But the voice doesn’t just tell, it orders. So Josh teaches his whole family the prayers and chants he‘s seen in his dream.

“Since the brown-skinned, wide-eyed, black-dotted-head child is with us, everything will be fine,” Melissa says.

She grabs and holds Josh tight because he tosses and turns all night. We all do, but some are allowed to sleep during times chosen by Maliki, the Child of Life of Light.

Depending on the weight of the visions, Josh wakes up most nights sweating heavily. Melissa always wakes up in tears, but Josh is there to comfort her. So do the kids, as Melissa sits on the edge of their bed, comforting them and talking to them.

“Everything is going to be all right,” Melissa says.

The weather gets crazy; it happens all over the world. People blame it on science and modern technology. But Josh and Melissa know that it’s the Child of Life of Light cleaning up the darkness and evil of Isotopia.

The world is blind to what’s going on. The people of Isotopia don’t believe God is sending someone, much less that he is here with us now!

The sickness of Isotopia has lead astray all but a few. Each year the Child of Life of Light grows. The evil, misguided people suffer the wrath of a biblical punishment from the one God himself, sent straight to Isotopia.

“What more do we want?!!” yells Josh, one of the many hungry fighting soldiers.

The corrupt way of living is over, the heartless have lost. Peace has arrived. Welcome to the true freedom. One faith, one God, that’s all the Lord has asked of us.

One Saturday, the kids and the new one all asleep, Josh and Melissa sit over a nice romantic candlelight dinner. Together they talk about their dreams, or their ‘visions’ Josh calls them. Josh explains to Melissa that his dreams tell him that the evil in the hearts of mankind will come alive and consume the bodies of mankind. Once a human-like child reaches adulthood, things that you see are going to make it hard for you to smile.

The weird things about Maliki: he doesn’t cry at all – he’s always at peace, always smiling, and always smells like musk. Mike and his brother play with the child, sent straight from the heavenly God himself. Things at school change. Each change brings a different reaction. Some good, some bad, some devastating, some tragic.

Josh tells Melissa that the voice in his dreams tells him, “Life is what you make it.The poor and the believers: I am here to bring truth to you, for thou cannot lie.”

The people of Isotopia, so stuck in their selfish and sinful ways, do not realize the change in themselves, nor the change in their city of Isotopia. ‘The blind people’ Josh has called them ever since the baby arrived.

The weather has been crazy: thunderstorms, hurricanes, earthquakes, you name it. When the sun shines, it kills the animals and crops with its blazing rays of heat.

“The dreams do give protection of prayer,” Josh says. He and his family practice every day, these prayers and chants, to protect themselves from the evil of Isotopia. The human-like child looks on, wide-eyed and wide-smiled.

“He knows,” Josh says.

“Yeah, he knows,” replies Melissa.

(To be Continued)


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