Isotopia Part 4

Illustration of traffic light and city

Ernie Smith

Josh lived a dark childhood, trapped by the wrath of his strict and abusive father.  However, despite the violence he endured as a child, Josh was able to grow into a caring man, with his wife Melissa relieving him of his pain.  One night as Josh is leaving work after receiving his paycheck, he is confronted with trouble.

Taking that shortcut nearly cost him, but this time – as Josh saw three figures creeping towards him, he was armed. Black gloves. Black Masks. Black clothes. Brown boots. Josh saw it all. He pulled his 9mm quickly, and fired several shots at the thugs trying to rob him. Shots rang out back and forth between Josh and the robbers. He was more experienced with his hand gun.

“Cowards!” Josh yells out, squeezing several shots. He hit two of them. They all ran away empty handed.

“Get a job!” Josh calls out as the robbers flee the scene.

Josh worked too hard to hand his money over that easy. Everything happened so quickly that an officer showed up 20 minutes later. He was member of a group called the Secret Circle of Love, and Josh’s uncle. Josh explained to the officer what happened.

“Okay Josh, go home. Just stop by the station and give a statement,” said his uncle (the officer).

“Thanks, will do,” replied Josh. As he continued towards his car, Josh hears the humble cry of a infant. It’s coming from the alley next to his car.

Josh’s first thought is “not again.” (it could be a setup in a city like Isotopia) He clutches the 9mm as follows the cries into the alley.

“Hello?” Josh yells. “Is anyone there?!”

The humble sound of that baby’s cry gets closer and closer as he goes deeper into the alley.

“Wow!” Josh exclaims, “It’s a baby boy.” He picks up the baby with a smile and looks around.

“Hello?” he yells once more. The baby is wrapped in a bright green blanket covered in curious words from a language unknown.

The baby is tan with brown eyes, curly thick hair and smells like musk. He has a dark black mark in the middle of his forehead. Josh quickly calls Melissa as he heads out of the alley, back towards his car. He explains everything to Melissa over the phone.

“Wow!” Melissa exclaims. “Stop playin’”

“I’m not playing honey,” Josh says, “ I found a baby in the alley, crying, alone.”

“I better not find out you cheated on me with those Isotopia hoes” Melissa teases.

Josh says with patience, “I really found a baby abandoned in the alley by my car. I was just robbed. Or, put it like this boo. they tried to rob me. But you know baby, the police got involved.”

“What!” says Melissa.

“Yes. But the officer that showed up was my uncle from the Secret Circle of Love.”

“Damn boy, you have people everywhere!”

“Yes baby, I’m connected. But anyway – that’s what just happend.”

With the robbery still on his mind, Josh pulls up to his home with the baby in his arms.

“Awww – so cute!” Melissa screams as she grabs the baby from his arms.

“Shhhh…” Josh says, “We don’t want to wake the kids.”

But it was too late. The kids heard their father and came running down the stairs.

“Hi daddy!” say the girls, Susan and Sharon.

“Hi daddy!” say the boys, Mike, Joseph and Dean.

“Hey kids,” Josh replies.

“Whatcha go there?” asks Sharon and Susan.

Josh quickly replies, “Nothing, nothing.”

“Your daddy’s found baby boy abandoned in the alley near the place where your daddy works,” Melissa tells the children.

“Wow dad, what a day huh?” says Mike.

“You can say that again,” replied Josh. (Isotopia)

(to be continued)

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