Isotopia: part 8

Ernie Smith

The story so far: Josh found a baby and brought it home to Melissa. They both know the myth of a mystical child with the power of Light and Life. The weird way Josh found the baby makes them think of this myth. The whole family cares for the baby. Josh hears a voice that tells them the curse of Isotopia will soon be lifted.

As Josh and Melissa look on, smiling – proud of the mission God sent their way, Melissa talks to Josh about her dreams and how the evil she was born with is trying to use her past sins to shake her faith. But her faith is strong, and the special prayers and chants keep her protected. They’re both up all through the night coping with the sleepless dreams. Josh and his wife both awake throughout the night, praying for forgiveness from God.

They worry about the kid sometimes. Everyday, when Maliki is sleeping, after his new mom has fed and nourished him, Josh reminds Melissa how much she is loved.

Since the baby has been found, the violent weather keeps the streets of Isotopia a ghost town.There is a savior for the street people of Isotopia, those whom are poor, homeless and suffer the most. The special child is now four years old.

“Maliki is growing up to be a very strong and smart child,” says Melissa.

The rapid changes in Isotopia, war on drugs, prostitution and religion… You name it – it went on.
Melissa says one thing about it is that she keeps her family far away from all that drama and evil that contaminates the city of Isotopia. That is, until one of Josh’s uncle from the Secret Circle of Love contacted Josh.

“That day the phone rang, I knew things were going to get very crazy,” says Melissa.
The Secret Circle of Love called Josh because something very weird had been happening throughout the city of Isotopia.

“We the believers of the one God know that you’re keeping a secret,” said Josh’s uncle.
“Wow!” replied Josh.

“It was told that the human-like child has been somewhere in our neck of the woods,” said Josh’s uncle.
“You mean to tell me that the child is here ?!” replied Josh, faking. “I didn’t know nothing about it.”
“If this is true Josh, you’re getting soft,” said his uncle.

“You know if I heard anything, I would have let you know,” replies Josh.

“If you know anything, you have to let us know. I would love to think you WOULD let us know, right Josh?” his uncle said. “We will be keeping an eye on you son. Meet me tomorrow, 7 o’clock on the dot, at our remote area.”

Josh usually tells his uncle, the master sergeant of the Secret Circle of Love, everything that goes on in Isotopia – but not this. After the call, Josh neglected to tell Melissa about the meeting.


–Secrets aren’t welcome in this family, so the human-like child sends Melissa visions of what is happening at the meeting.

(to be continued)

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