Isotopia Part 6

Ernie Smith

Neither Josh nor Melissa realize what they have in their possession.

After making passionate love, Josh and Melissa talk about the myth of a mystical child with the power of Life of Light. The weird way the baby was found makes Josh and Melissa wonder.

“What a blessing from the one God himself,” says Melissa.

“Boo, well you might be right,” replies Josh.

“I know I’m right,” says Melissa.


MYTH: A child of pure heart, pure blood, shall be born. A child of Life of Light will shed love of life throughout the land of Isotopia; and clean all the evil and lies that have been told. The killing of the innocent shall stop and the homeless shall rest peacefully.

Melissa says, “And look Josh, this blessing has landed in our arms. God has chosen us, wow that’s big!”

“Well, we will nourish this special child and protect him until he is full grown,” replies Josh.

“The legend is true,” says Melissa while she stares into the child’s big brown eyes with a smile only a mother could understand.

Josh stood, not surprised, but ready to battle in the name of the one God himself.

Josh replied, “May the one God bless Isotopia, and the repenters of Isotopia.”

Over dinner Josh explains to the kids all about the baby that he had found .He explains that the one God sent him the baby, and that the myth is true. The child of Life of Light is here with us.

“What?!” say the kids. They look upon the child with wonder of love and security, and sense of worry-free.

Josh explains to the kids that they must keep this on the hush-hush, that they must come straight home from school. “Don’t stop nowhere,” he warns them.

The kids excuse themselves from the dinner table, complete all of their chores, and head off to their rooms with no trouble, no fussing and no confusion.

“That’s weird,” says Melissa.

“Yes! Weird baby, no fuss from the kids… God is good (hey!!),” says Josh.

The girls help their mother with caring for the child: feeding, bathing, diaper changing.

Sharon says, “Is it just me, or does the baby smell like musk all the time?”

“No girl, I smell it to,” Susan says.

When the baby’s near anyone, they feel a burst of energy from the inner self. This is a very special and very important child.

“The child of hope is not a myth,” says Josh, kissing Melissa gently on her lips.

“I know honey,” she replies, returning Josh’s innocent kiss with her own passionate one. “I love you honey.”

The child looks very advanced for his age. He grows faster  and learns more quickly than any human child.

Since the child became a part of the family, they’ve all been having nightmares. Josh call them visions of what is to come, visions that he hadn’t been having before. Josh and Melissa toss and turn all night from dreams of war between good and evil. Both of their dreams are haunted by their past sins, haunted by things they cannot change. The curse of Isotopia will soon be lifted. The Light is amongst the helpless, innocent, homeless and poor.

Josh tells Melissa there is a voice in his dreams that tells him that the curse of Isotopia will be lifted soon. “The Light is amongst the helpless, innocent, homeless and poor,” the voice says in his dream. There is no sound in the dream, just the voice, so Josh follows the voice.

“Josssshhhhhhh……..”  calls the voice.

(to be continued)

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