Isotopia Part 5

Ernie Smith

In a city like Isotopia, where life is more difficult than you can ever imagine, Josh takes a long talk to all five children and Melissa about keeping the baby’s whereabouts a secret.

He tells the kids, “no one shall know about this special child. Because in a city like Isotopia, we don’t need no attention on this family. You hear me now kids? You hear me? That goes for you too honey.”

The kids reply, “yes Dad – we promise.”

“Now kids, goodnight,” says Josh.

As the children go back upstairs to their rooms, Sharon and Susan look back and see their mom rocking the human-like child in her arms with a motherly smile on her face.

“Goodnight moms,” they say.

“Don’t even think about it,” Josh jokes

“Boy please,” says Melissa.”I get whatever I want, you should know that by now honey!”

“Boy you had me worried crazy – you usually be in by 1 o’clock,” Melissa says.

“But I ran into a little trouble,” Josh replies. “It’s nothing important.”

Now Melissa is smiling, “Baby look at that dot on his forehead – it look like it’s going to start glowing any minute now.”

By now Melissa had already named the baby Meliki. Josh tells Melissa that when he approached the baby in the alley, he felt a wave of worry-free relief. It was an unexplainable feeling – since he’d just had a dangerous altercation with the evil of Isotopia.

(to be continued)



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