Isotopia Part 2

Ernie Smith

Abandoned buildings, people sleeping on the street, little work, poor economy, broken homes, broken laws, hate amongst the races, wars and dying soldiers! Weary and old, this world of Isotopia. Polluted air causes her to cry tears of fiery flames. Dying crops, her heart beats slow. The motion stops, end of life, no love left. Unworthy sacrifices, we took till there was nothing left to take. Sad and innocent people, starving children, wounded soldiers with no fight left in us for goodness. (Isotopia)

Josh warns his wife and kids every night and every day about the dangers of the city. He gets harrassed and hit-on by the female homewreckers of Isotopia, just like Melissa does by the male homewreckers. Life is very hard for the married couple. Josh has gotten into endless fights: alley fights, knife fights, and even shoot outs to protect his family and home. There are no churches, no mosques, no place of religion to pray – so they pray from the heart, in their own home of Strive 77 Dr. E. of Isotopia.

Every so-called friend Josh had stabbed him in the back and tried hard to break his happy home. In Isotopia’s cold fiery streets, death and starvation lie around every corner. Sex, lies and murder live in these streets of depression, lost souls and sin. Josh dreams of a better life for him, his wife, and five kids. Good hearts get eaten alive in a city like this. Josh fell victim to the female vampires that prowl the streets at night in Isotopia. He cheated more than once, falling to the sadness of the city after working long nights to support his family.

His wife loves him unconditionally, so she tries hard to make things work. She’s been faithful for all seven years they’ve been together. Josh loves her also, but feels weak at times of sorrow and depression. (Isotopia)

Backstabbing people live here, says Melissa. Josh and his family know they can never trust the laws and the people of this God-forsaken city. Every night Josh leaves for work Melissa prays for his safe return, she worries a lot about him. It would be hard to raise five children alone if something happened to him, this is her nightmare. There are no more good men out here as she prays for her family’s salvation. Without Josh in her life this world would be fatal to the family, says Melissa of Strive 77 Dr. E.of Isotopia.

Melissa recalls the time when Josh tried to use the streets of Isotopia : squeeze them for a little bit of money (y’know, street money, drug money, you name it!) You name it, Josh was in it, but his love for Melissa caused him to slowly stop. His old crew didn’t like that, they saw right through him. Josh wasn’t a cold hearted person and they were starting to see that. They tried to kill him, and his whole bloodline.

Josh gathered some old friends he had from a tribe called True Heart Soldiers. They murdered and killed everyone who tried to harm his family and got away smooth. In a city like Isotopia, no one cares about no one. They have laws, but the laws are more corrupt than the streets. Money rules the world, people say. That’s why Josh is so overprotective of his whole family, especially his wife and kids. (Isotopia)

During that bad-boy time Josh went through, says Melissa, he and a supposed friend were saving money to start a businesses. (They did) But Josh’s friend got us robbed and nearly killed. If Josh hadn’t been armed, well…

(Josh tried to squeeze Isotopia, and it bit ‘im in the ass! It nearly cost his family their lives. If it wasn’t for his real friends, we’d be dead.)

Josh’s friends got involved and eliminated all of his problems. The law got involved, but Josh’s friends paid the law. (“Unsolved Case,” “Evidence Contaminated,” the works!) Sin City, better known as Isotopia, contained some of the worst criminals and people that you would ever know.

Josh also has true-hearted friends and family in the police force, judges, lawyers: a secret society of good-hearted people. They all believe in one God, and that he is sending a child born of pure heart and love. And this child shall grow and shine: Light of Love amongst the people of Isotopia, says Melissa.

(to be continued)

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