Isotopia Part 10

Ernie Smith

As Josh entered the headquarters, he saw his uncle sitting at a huge round table full of old men looking very angry at the world.

“I never thought you would be this put together,” Josh said as he approached the round table to take a seat. Sitting amongst the most serious looking men he’d ever seen, a prayer of protection was said by the head elder of the Circle. Then the meeting began, with questions from each member of the Circle directed at Josh.

One elder shouted, wild and crazy, “Ask him about the visions he’s been having!”
Josh replied, “How the hell do you know about my dreams and visions?!”

If they know about my visions, then they must know about my wife’s visions and the kid’s too, Josh thought to himself.

One elder shouted out, “The truth must be told!”
“Well, the Child of Life of Light was given to me seven years ago from the one God himself,” Josh quickly replied.

A mumbling sound echoed through the group.

“Why didn’t you let us know?” his uncle demanded.

“To protect my family and my family members – you can understand that, right?” Josh replied, “But what is most important, is that the baby has reached his full potential. As half the world has been cleaned of its evil and evil thoughts – the child is now ready for war on the evil hearts and souls of Isotopia.”

As the Circle looked at each other, they said in harmonic unison, “We know Josh.”
Josh looked amazed as he recognized their combined voice to be that of Maliki himself!
Josh jumped up from his chair in surprise, “Now this is weird!”

The Secret Circle of Love let Josh know that the elders of the Circle could tune in on the child now that he had reached his full powers of good.

Josh’s uncle giggled, “This is Isotopia’s last stand for peace, love, and happiness for all of Isotopia.”

A small area still resides with a caring heart resting inside the neighborhood of Strive 77 Drive East, hidden from all infection and contamination. After understanding the big secret that Josh kept from his uncle, the Secret Circle of Love explained to Josh the power of Prayers and Chants of Love that keep the elders in tune with the one God himself. This also connects them directly to the Child of Life of Light.

The Circle now had permission to leverage its full power together with the Child of Life of Light, now that the child had reached his full potential.

“At one time, God didn’t allow the elders to tune in with the human-like child. Now the permission is given, that’s how we knew the child was here,” explained Josh’s uncle.

Josh left the headquarters, unsurprised about Isotopia, but really ready for war on evil and its army of hatred: drugs, disease, and prostitution. Josh is ready.

(to be continued)

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