Isotopia, Part 11

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Ernie Smith

After work, and after the meeting withthe Circle, Josh hops in his 280 XZ to head home. Just then, his phone rings.

**RING, RING, RING*** “Hello, this is Josh.”

“Daddy, this is Susan, I am here with the rest of the kids,” she says, “I’m calling because all the kids in school are act- ing very weird.”

Josh replies, “What?! Weird like how, Susan?”

“Like how honey – talk to me!” yells Josh.

“Dad, calm down!” yells Susan. “The whole school, and the teachers. They’re all just standing there, facing the east, murmuring. The pupils of their eyes are white-pearl white. They just keep chanting ‘peace for all’!’”

“Tell your brother and sister I’m on my way – now, right now!” yells Josh. “Stay there and I’ll call your mother.”

“She already knows,” says Susan. “Okay honey – I’m on my way,” Josh replies.

Josh pushes his 280 XZ to the metal, phoning the Secret Circle of Love to let them know that it has
started: the world cleansing of the heart and soul, the begin- ning of peace.


“Yes,” answered the master sergeant.

“Thank the one God you answered the phone Uncle,” replies Josh.

“What’s up?” asks his uncle.

“It has started,” replies Josh.

“What, already?!” exclaims his uncle, and hangs up the phone.

Josh’s uncle must know what he is thinking. Josh pulls up at the kids’ school, chanting prayers of
protection for himself and the kids, from the contamination of the evil of Isotopia. As he chants,
Josh can feel the power working through his soul.

The parking lot is like a ghost town, no one in sight. Josh jumps out of the car and runs to the
entrance of the school. He can hear the murmurs of ‘peace for all’ coming from the kids inside.

Josh enters the school, he knows that his kids are safe and brave, armed with the prayers and
chants they were taught. Susan and her siblings were murmuring their own prayers and chants they
learned from Moms.

He runs down the hallway, following the chanting sounds. “Here we go again, following weird sounds,” Josh thinks to himself. As he runs up to the kids, their backs face the blackboard. Susan and her siblings look up to realize their father is there to help them.

From what Josh could see, they were just fine. The rest of the school is in a blind trance, facing eastward and chanting words unknown to Josh.

Susan, Sharon, Michael, Joseph and Dean all look to Josh and say, “It must be the kid – Meliki!” Josh and the kids run past classroom after classroom of kids and teachers chanting, headed for the car. Josh knows something weird is going on, this wasn’t supposed to happen yet.

“Too soon,” Josh says to himself. Meliki is only 7. This wasn’t supposed to happen yet. The kids are all carrying on with excite- ment, ready for war – like their daddy, Josh. They know that sticking together is the key to survival. One God in us equals one family, unity, one love.

So many bad things have happened in Isotopia. The kids are all mentally connected to Meliki. Josh promises himself, “I will not question the powers of the One God or the blessings he sends.” He contemplates the power of Meliki: it’s crazy that a 7-year- old child can control the minds of the entire city of Isotopia. “That’s the power of the One God him- self,” Josh says as they drive on.The world is cleansing their sins: hurt, pain, bad memories – gone, erased, everything! All over the world, every school, every neighborhood, the whole city of Isotopia in a peaceful trance.

Next: the final chapter.

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