I believe what he says

I believe what God says to me, every word and every promise he keeps. When I’m high on the mountain top, I know who put me there. When I’m low in the valley, I know he sees me there, keeping me in his care. His never ending love will never change, he’s the same for always. On all days, just observe his sabbath, that means everything. Yes, you can work, and you can play, but not on that day. It’s for resting and meditating on his word. Read the scriptures on that day, give him thanks, then watch him rank you above every limit, obstacle or hurdle that’s in your path, like hard math, like an unachievable task, like corona without a mask. He will forgive your sins and give you a pass. So, believe what God says to you, and in your heart be true, then watch him make you new.

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