I am. I can.

My name is Samuel Fullwood. I am 56 years old, and a disabled veteran. I’ve enjoyed and participated in historic events and a youth. But as an adult I struggled through life, by mine own choosing. To learn by experience rather than the knowledge taught to me. Taking the path of listening to myself, and not the teachings and values taught to me about life. Five years back, I reached deep down, gritted my teeth and let the true me surface. 56 years old now and considered by many a senior, it has taken me this long to truly understand, see and believe that life is precious and not to be abused.
Just look inside yourself.
I am:
A veteran
A proud black American
A true believer in God
My father and mother’s son/ a brother
A father/ grand-father
A faithful companion
Wiser/now older/fair
A man/an individual/a human being

I can:
Suceed/learn/overcome/be great
Be happy/ feel pain/smile/forgive/
enjoy life
Share/Be loved/love/ remember
(hard times)
Change and I have have/remember
the values taught to me
Pray/worship/control my path/teach

Can you say:
I am/I can

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