HUD Investigation Criticizes D.C.’s Housing Fund Usage

 The Washington Post reports that a federal audit has put into question more than $10 million in spending by D.C.’s housing agency, which has led to the return of about $1.6 million of the Department of Housing and Urban Development grant funds.  

An audit, released Dec. 23, pinpointed nearly $1.7 million in costs that the D.C. Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) had incorrectly charged to the federal government. Additionally, $6.5 million in expenses did not meet the auditors’ satisfaction, and $1.9 million went unspent or were poorly spent, the Washington Post reported.  

City officials say the issues are being addressed.“We knew that there were issues when I first started. There were things in the relationship with HUD that had to be worked on,” Leila Finucane Edmonds, DHCD’s outgoing director, told the Post. “We have moved the department to a very different place.”  

The $1.6 million slated to be returned will be used for other projects in the District. 

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