How to make a homemade emergency candle

Jacquelyn Portee

Ingredients and supplies for one candle 

1 glass jar, 4 to 6 inches high; make sure the jar is clean and dry 

Enough shortening, such as Crisco, to nearly fill your jar 

A tablespoon or ladle (to stir the shortening  while it is melting in the pot) 

A small cooking pot 

1 piece of 100% cotton string, approximately 6 inches long; this is for the wick 


Fill the empty jar with the shortening, up to the neck of the jar. 

When the jar is full, scoop out the shortening with the spoon or ladle and put it into the small pan. Heat the pan until the shortening melts. Be sure to let it cool before touching it. 

Tie a knot on one end of the wick and place the knot in the bottom of the jar, in the center if possible. (Maybe have someone else hold it, preferably with a pair of tongs.) 

Pour the melted shortening into the jar (the wick should be inside of the jar), being careful not to spill it. 

When you see the shortening turning white and hard inside the glass jar, be sure the wick is in the center of the jar.  Let the jar cool until you see the shortening is totally white and hard.  

I’ve also used the following web links for this project: www.howtomakeyourowncandles // // 




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