How Do I Speak

speech bubble

Ian Burt/Flickr

How do I speak with other voices

that have words that are not my own?

How will I say these words to a people so close to me

yet so far away?

How can I let them know that I want to hear their voices speak truth

to what lies with power?

How can I find the right time to talk

of our voices rising us up together,

to bring on that what we know to be just?

Oh, how do I help organize those who the powers that be

would seek to disenfranchise, and the poor, with faith no more?

How, how, how? If I only knew.

They say Obama was an advocate, a community organizer.

He didn’t even get through.

One’s voice for the angels,

They record everything you say and do.

I have to keep speaking to give my voice to a people

And the angels who never tire of voicing the Lord’s praise.

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