Housing, not handcuffs: A plea for compassion

In the heart of our bustling cities, where the neon lights gleam,

Lies a struggle often hidden, like an unwritten dream.

Amidst the bustling streets, where life’s symphony erupts,

There’s a plea for understanding, for “housing not handcuffs.”

Homeless souls on sidewalks, with stories left untold,

Seeking warmth and shelter, as the city’s tale unfolds.

Invisible to some, yet their presence cannot be ignored,

For compassion, not indifference, is what they’re truly toward.

The concrete, once their haven, is now their lonely bed,

And as the night descends, they collect thoughts in their head.

A symphony of hardships, where life’s melodies have hushed,

They yearn for transformation, for “housing not handcuffs.”

In the corner of a park, ‘neath the lamplight’s feeble glow,

A mother holds her child close, whispering tales of woe.

She dreams of four walls and a roof, where love and hope rebuff

The cycle of despair, and whispers, “housing not handcuffs.”

The shelters, though they try, can’t hold all those in need,

A systemic flaw in our society, a wound that’s left to bleed.

But justice can be served, not with jails and punitive stuff,

But by giving them a chance, with “housing not handcuffs.”

For every life is precious, every story worth a hear,

And when we offer shelter, we dispel the cold and fear.

The keys to doors of homes, not the jingling of cuffs,

Can mend these broken spirits with grace and tender stuff.

In unity, we rise, in compassion’s gentle trust,

To rewrite this narrative, and in our actions, adjust.

To offer roofs and refuge, to the homeless caught in the rough,

For in this world, we believe in “housing not handcuffs.”

So let us forge a path where empathy shall reign,

Where every soul finds solace, where healing can regain.

Let’s build a world of warmth, where love is more than enough,

A world that echoes with the cry of “housing not handcuffs.”

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