Homeless Veterans

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My experience with the veterans begins in a military hospital, psychiatry unit where mentally insane veterans provide a clue to the nature of homelessness. One that surpassed my understanding was the fear of their personal hygiene. Many homeless people I have come across truly have problems staying physically clean with myself doing laundry. In my volunteer rotations at CCNV infirmary, I crossed paths with homeless veterans seeking medical help at Unity Health Care. They helped me understand the nature of the problem, when I had to take a cold shower every day in the winter and contend with dirty clothes, since the washing machine was broken. It was a terrible feeling to drive one into mental insanity and homelessness. The writer’s group film training by Naomi Alfini is thus important, especially when one views on film the few remaining natural habitats and streets famous to Street Sense. It helps clear the mind and feel clean. In acquiescence, the essays inspired by the French general Jacques Puysegur (1655- 1743), on the origins of military thought, mentions the importance of geography over history. The general, who shows how a good soldier thinks, found history to place more value on theoretical ideals. He saw the community judiciary branch less useful and citizens verbose. On the other hand, corrective action can be taken when our physical aspects contribute to homelessness, as proven by our practical homeless veterans. This, according to General Puysegur begins with geography and filming our surroundings. In turn we use mathematical geometry to analyze our community in order to find ourselves practical in solving our problems with homelessness.  

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We believe ending homelessness begins with listening to the stories of those who have experienced it.